Local Representative: Doug Bertsch
Phone Number:  (916) 768-9369
Email:  doug.bertsch@apmortgage.com
Website:  www.aprmg.com

Description:  Educating and helping seniors 62 years of age or older so they can stay in their home by using a FHA Reverse Mortgage to unlock their equity.

Local Representative: Launi Cooper
Phone Number: (916) 343-2211
Email: lcooper@rfslends.com
Website: www.launicooper.com

Description: The Reverse Mortgage. A needs based “product of last resort” or a powerful component in an overall and more comprehensive retirement plan? You Decide. The newly restructured Reverse Mortgage is being recognized by scholars throughout the nation as a product, when used correctly, morally and ethically that can greatly increase a client’s quality of life during their retirement years. Whether a reverse mortgage is used to eliminate a client’s present mortgage payment, or other reoccurring debt, this product can greatly improve their monthly cash flow. Retirement Funding Solutions was created to address and solve for one of the most significant challenges facing the Baby Boomer Generation today..Being Financially Prepared for Your Retirement Years.

Local Representative:  Joseph Gengo
Phone Number:  (415) 608-7480
Email:  joseph.gengo@pimco.com
Website:  www.pimco.com

Description:  PIMCO is a global investment firm with a singular focus on preserving and enhancing investor assets.  We specialize in Fixed Income, Mutual Funds, ETF’s and SMA’s.

Local Representative:  Colin Grahl
Phone Number:  (916) 677-1640
Email:  colin.s.grahl@ampf.com
Website:  www.wggadvisorgroup.com

Description:  Westlake, Grahl, and Glover is a financial planning firm that specializes in Retirement and Estate Planning Strategies, Investments, Insurance and Small Business Planning.

Local Representative:  Jim Steele & Brad L’Engle
Phone Number:  (916) 521-5613
Email:  jsteel@guildmortgage.net
Website:  www.guildmortgage.com



Local Representative: Art Allen
Phone Number: (916) 403-0633
Email: art_allen@uhc.com
Website: www.uhcmedicaresolutions.com

Description: To educate, inform and provide Medicare Eligible Recipients with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicare prescription drug and Medicare Special Needs plans that are available in their area.

Local Representative:  Robin C. Bevier
Phone Number:  (916) 789-3900
Email:  rbevier@martoranabevier.com
Website: www.martoranabevier.com

Description:  Martorana & Bevier, A Professional Law Corporation specializing in Estate Tax Planning and Business Planning for over 30 years.  My business education and experience compliment my understanding of legal estate tax planning techniques to assist clients integrating family, tax, business, and succession requirements, into an estate and business plan.

Local Representative:  Matt Harrington
Phone Number:  (916) 922-3200
Email:  matth@benefit-resources.com
Website: www.benefit-resources.com

Description: We have been passionate about helping companies design and administer state-of-the-art retirement plans since 1987. Our certified administrators work on all types of plans including 401(k), Profit Sharing, Prevailing Wage, ESOP, and 403(b) plans. Defined Benefit and/or Cash Balance Pension plans are designed to allow the business owner to sock away a lot more than the $54,000 limit. We handle them all. To learn more about retirement plans, check out our blog at www.benefit-resources.com. There is a treasure trove of articles on a variety of topics from compliance testing, to reporting deadlines, to controlled groups of companies.

Local Representative:  Cory Kelly
Phone Number:  (916) 773-3343
Email:  kelly.cory@principal.com
Website: www.principal.com

Description: Principal is a Fortune 500 Company that helps people and businesses around the world to build, protect and advance their financial well-being with our retirement, insurance and asset management expertise.

Local Representative:  Jeremy Parker
Phone Number:  (916) 353-5130
Email:  jeremy@glandersonins.com
Website: www.glandersonins.com

Description: Locally owned and operated independent property & casualty insurance agency in business going on 40 years.  Our diverse knowledge base makes us a one stop shop for all business and personal insurance needs.

Local Representative:  Ron Greenwood
Phone Number:  (916) 712-4442
Email:  rgreenwood@golyon.com
Website: www.golyon.com

Description: With over 25 years as a real estate professional, I have developed a long career with assisting hundreds of clients with everything from 1031 Exchanges, first time homebuyers, retirees to referring to our affiliate associates throughout the continental U.S.  I can also help clients with property management.