Make a Contribution to FPA PAC

Representing financial planners and advocating on issues that affect financial planner practices are the primary advocacy objectives of FPA. To enhance our efforts, the FPA Political Action Committee (PAC) was created as the federally registered political action committee of FPA – the only registered PAC on Capitol Hill representing the interests of the financial planning profession.

The PAC allows us to have consistent and meaningful participation in the political process by providing access to leaders and influencers. It allows us to have a larger voice on behalf of our members on issues relevant to FPA and the profession. And all disbursements are carefully targeted to be in alignment with our issues and strengthen relationships with leaders in financial services in Congress.

By contributing to the PAC, you’re helping support candidates for the United States Senate and House of Representatives — primarily incumbents, regardless of political party — who have demonstrated previous support of issues FPA believes critical to advancing the profession.​

Click the following link to make a contribution: