Call to Action – Ask Congress to Restore Tax Deduction for Financial Advice

best canadian internet FPA joined a Coalition with the Investment Adviser Association, CFP Board, Financial Services Institute, and the National Association of Financial Advisors. We are asking Congress to restore the tax deduction for financial advice. Here’s what you need to know:

• Prior to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), Congress recognized the value of professional investment and financial planning advice by providing a tax deduction for those services. Congress repealed this deduction in 2017 when it passed the TCJA.
• FPA is asking Congress to restore the tax deduction for investment advisory fees without the 2% adjusted gross income (AGI) threshold which was a part of the pre-2017 law.

A letter has been drafted for you and is available in advocacy platform, VoterVoice. Follow these directions:
1) Click on the link below.
2) A sample letter will appear.
3) To the right of the sample letter, enter your name in “customize your signature.”
4) Enter your information
5) Click “send message.”

casino drive méré Thank you for your help!

Josephine Colacci, Esq.
Public Policy Counsel

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