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How Pro Bono Financial Planning can help during this Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis?

In general, financial planning involves all kinds of everyday money matters, such as designing a household spending plan, managing credit card bills, choosing insurance policies or refinancing a mortgage. It means setting and reaching goals, now and in the future, to get one’s financial life organized and working. From insurance claims and taxes to paying for children’s education and planning for retirement, an FPA volunteer can help pro bono clients with all kinds of needs.

FPA volunteers provide unbiased financial advice with no sales or promotion of products or services. They do not sell products or services while engaged in pro bono activities. There is no charge, no commitment, and no pressure – just unbiased financial advice.

How Can I get Assistance?
If you have been financially impacted by the recent coronavirus pandemic and would to meet with a FPA volunteer to discuss the best way to manage your current financial situation, please send an email to and review the Confidential Client Questionnaire. You will need to fill out prior to your consultation.

COVID – 19 Resource List

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FPA Volunteer Opportunities

As the nation grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, we face unprecedented challenges that will require all sectors to collaborate for the public good, including finding ways to support the millions of financially at-risk Americans who will need quality financial planning and advice more than ever before.

• If you would like to provide pro bono services to those impacted in our local area, please email Pro Bono Director Emilie Andres at indicating your interest.

• Website for relevant resource: The Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) is developing a dedicated page to house relevant resources for advisors and their pro bono clients, including information on provisions in emergency legislation that can help people and ways that advisors can assist different groups. If you have ideas for additional resources to be included, please contact Rachel Roth at

CFP Volunteer Match Platform: The FFP accelerated the launch of the CFP Volunteer Match platform to help connect financial planners who want to offer pro bono services and nonprofits that have (virtual) opportunities to serve those in need, possibly including the elderly, small business owners, low-income workers, and more.

o If you are a CFP® professional who would like to offer pro bono services through the CFP volunteer match to families facing serious risk during this period, please create a profile on You will be notified as we populate virtual volunteer opportunities in the coming weeks

Volunteer Requirements
• Be a FPA member in good standing,
• Complete the FPA Pro Bono Financial Planning Training. 1 CFP CE unit offered. (
• Sign the pro bono letter of engagement that states you will take responsibility for services provided in the engagement, and
• Be a CFP professional in good standing with CFP Board, or Be a non-CFP professional who agrees to abide by CFP Board’s  Code of Professional Responsibility and who works with a CFP practitioner.

Volunteer Resources
• FPA Pro Bono Resources and Tools
• Foundation of Financial Planning (FFP)